Wednesday, August 20, 2008

just because i like to think myself clever...

I would like to go on record, this morning, August 20, at 9:00 a.m. (before the nomination is announced) as saying that I believe the Vice Presidential Nominee for Barack Obama will be Delaware Senator Joe Biden.

How did I come up with my guess, you might ask? Did I carefully research each of the people on the short list and research their politics and voting records? No. Did I read a lot of blogs about guesses? No. Did I try and think like Obama's strategists? Well, only on one point. Graphic Design. Graphic Design? Has Traci lost it? No, she hasn't. I'm telling you, design matters, and it certainly matters in this campaign. You see, all along I have been following how the Obama campaign has been using rock solid graphic design and branding to make Obama accessible and easy to understand. It's been brilliant and oh-so-fun for Traci to watch. Eye candy! Anyway, back to the veep.

So in "guessing" who the Veep is going to be, I found the "short list" of candidates and I took a little spin around their websites, most of which are atrocious looking. When I got to Senator Biden's I thought to myself... does this website look like it's been tinkered with a bit by Obama's graphic design team? Yes. Does it have the same blue that is all over Obama's site? Yes. Is it easy to understand and pleasant? Yes. Is Joe Biden the nominee for VP, based on my extremely non-scientific analysis? You betcha. The announcement should come this week. See if I'm right.

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Anonymous said...

again, nice prediction! i feel pretty stoked about it!!! haha, and i'm picking up a little dominican spanish here and there because of our mission trips there but not enough to carry on a conversation beyond "how are you?" and "this food is delicious!" is "cheers" "salud" or something? koreans don't even say "bless you" after sneezing. i love lanugage! crazy crazy!