Tuesday, August 18, 2009

words or phrases i taught my husband today. the "aint that the truth" version.

"honey-do list"

the list included:

- go to store and pick up chamomile tea and toothpaste
- pick up prescription
- return videos
- wash dishes
- sharpen knives

sounds demanding, but have you SEEN some of the other "honey do lists" out there? sheesh. i think this one is do-able. plus, elias seems to like the concept of the "honey do" list. what with all of its order and sense of accomplishment and all...

also, i've been making dinner like the perfect fifties housewife recently. another post on gender roles and feminism is coming on. also a few recipes as well.


1 comment:

shorlocker said...

Keep up the 50's housewife act and you can remake your favorite Kelly Ripa commercial! lol