Friday, March 11, 2011

HAHA! Back on the glasses...

Ok... true story, I've been away from this blog for so long I seriously forgot I had it. I was reading a post by Mihee and I thought "ya know... I should start up a blog that's not for cooking and not really for work/theological discussion but is sort of a place where I can talk about whatever I want to talk about, funny stories, etc." (Do I say etc. in my own mind? I don't know. I digress.) Anyway, I was thinking that today and then later I checked into my twitter account (something I also don't do very often.) I realized "Oh yeah I actually already have a blog like that." Who knew. So here I am, back to the glasses, easy as pie.

Of course, after being away from this blog for so long, I am faced with the "what the hey monsters should I write about" dilemma. I feel significantly less pressure on this front knowing that a. the people who read this blog probably also follow me on facebook and b. nobody's being forced to read this thing. Still... what to talk about. I'm gonna have to go hodgepodge list here, people. It's the only way.

1. Tsunami in Japan. This morning one of the first pieces of conversation between Elias and I was the 2(ish) inches of snow that was blanketing our car. The same sort of pretty white snow blanket that 3 months ago would have been charming and wonderful. This morning we were annoyed by it. WHAT? SNOW?! ARGH. They said it was supposed to be a dusting. This is NOT A DUSTING BECAUSE IT REQUIRES AN ACTUAL SHOVEL. But before I went outside to work on it, I turned on the usual morning facebook/blog/news update. Suddenly the snow seemed like, well, no big deal. Isn't that how it always is? Perspective. Perspective. The images
are overwhelming. Prayers for Japan. Prayers for all of us.

2. Lent. As a pastor, I am constantly encouraging my congregation to take on a spiritual practice during lent. Whether it be attending weekly mid-week communion services at 7:30 a.m. or joining a discussion group, or attending a special service. Since Elias is now working in a church he's doing a special Bible Study on Friday nights as well (in Spanish). I wonder what it all means for me, though. For me, I'm leading these discussion groups, or helping Elias to plan his, or thinking of a meditation for the communion service. They're part of my vocation, my profession. While they're certainly beneficial to me, spiritually, they don't feel like something that I chose to do as a personal commitment to my faith. They seem like, well, my job. I'm a few days in to lent, and I still haven't picked something I want to do, for me, during lent. More on this later, I hope.

3. Baby. Obviously a huge change since I abandoned this blog is that I started growing a baby. Seriously. No lie. This is the truth. Crazy. The first three months of being pregnant, I was the worst pregnant lady ever. I'm not kidding. I was melodramatic, and puking ALL THE TIME. I was complaining and crying and eating only hash browns. I was not handling the whole thing well, at all. No joke, I would go to work (eating only 5 or so foods on my approved list) go home and cry and then sleep. Every single day. Then I started to get better, and now I'm one of the happiest pregnant ladies ever. I feel great, have lots of energy and am having a blast feeling the baby move around. It's getting big enough that I can feel actual arms and legs and a head and butt in there. It's kind of creepy, but also very cool. I heard (and have read) that in the very end of pregnancy sometimes people feel really large and uncomfortable, so I am prepared to return to my worst pregnant lady ever stage. Now that i'm back on the blog, you can read about it. Save your enthusiasm.

I guess that's good for now. It's fun to be back on the glasses.



Mihee said...

I keep forgetting my Google Reader and was on it the other day looking at your stuff wondering when youd post again! Glad youre back! Love the stories about your first tri LOL I too was a bit of a diva but I was miserable! Felt great up until maybe 35 weeks then just felt big and achey...probably 38 weeks for you?

Keep 'em coming! I will post pics of the Fatherhood gift I made for A too! It was so fun to read the letters when I put it together and then to watch him read it.


shorlocker said...

I use Google Reader every day several times a day and was delighted to see your blog pop up for the first time in a long time! It's hard to keep everything going at once. I have a blog just as abandoned as yours.

The uncomfortable at the end is not nearly as bad as what you went through in your first trimester!!! Uncomfortable is different than sickly. Plus you know it will be over soon and you will have the best gift in the whole wide world in your arms!


shorlocker said...

Oh and I should add that eating will be an issue in the third trimester... but the opposite, you will want to eat and eat and eat more than you do right now! :-)