Thursday, July 9, 2009

i have quite a bit to blog about....

but, i have given so little time to it, recently. i have about 4 minutes here... so let's see how far i get.

for starters, e and i bought two lawn chairs. you know, those foldy up kind that you can put on your back? i have to say, those two chairs have made me so ridiculously happy. what a great purchase. with those chairs, we go places. we set up our chairs in parks and concerts and just have ourselves a grand old time. there's something great about having your chair and being on the go. i love it.

in other news, i'm completely disgusted with CNN recently. their version of "news" is appalling. not only are they not reporting any actual news, but they are following up their non-news with everyone's facebook comments and tweets about it. terrible. i wish there were a news channel that reported actual news. the best luck i have is CNNEspanol.

let's see... what else... ? a couple of weeks ago i made strawberry shortcake and impressed the pants off of myself. i also made a recipe from my childhood, taco pie, and it turned out darn nicely as well. i'd like to continue to grow and cook.

also, i cleaned my kitchen.

is my life this dull that i'm reporting on cleaning the kitchen? nah, my life is really exciting. i just can't boil all of the excitement into a four minute post.


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