Sunday, July 26, 2009

on the surface

on the surface, this is a happy-go-lucky love song that is
syrupy sweet. TOO sweet. it's like that one time
paula deen made a breakfast sandwich with TWO DONUTS
instead of bread

but there's something to this song "lucky"
and i'll tell you what it is.
first you should know (if you don't already)
that i rewind songs, and play them on repeat if
i like them. i've been known to listen to one song for HOURS if i
really like it. as if that wasn't weird enough, i also have been known
to simply rewind portions of songs that i like and listen to the
song segments on repeat.

this song has one of those portions.
you can find it from 1:08-1:28 in the video below...

i like it so much for a few reasons
first, musically... it's in a minor key
and is a very sad sentiment in the middle of
a very happy song.
i think i've talked about this before.
i love happy lyrics in minor keys
and sad lyrics in major keys
these are sad lyrics in a minor key, so they
shouldn't count, but the song is mostly happy
lyrics in minor key - so i still appreciate the contradiction.
second, the lyrics... remind me so much of how i felt when
elias was in colombia and i was here.

they don't know how long it takes
waiting for a love like this
everytime we say goodbye
i wish we had one more kiss
i'll wait for you i promise you
i will.

enjoy. (the whole song, but particularly my favorite part :)
also ignore colbie caillat's irritating swaying around

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