Wednesday, April 30, 2008

3 things

i'm taking a break from working right now and i would like to point out three things. 

1. my cat, dj, now has a facebook page. as i have proclaimed repeatedly on the other blog, and facebook, and in person, i have the greatest cat in the whole wide world. coming soon: profile picture for dj! i love the internet. 

2. if i were anywhere near princeton at all, i would go to this conference next friday. is there anybody near p-ton that wants to go and give me a report? it's 15 bucks, only. and you get lunch. can't beat it. 

3. this evening i will be posting my progress on my new year's resolutions. (i've been doing it every month, but traci-colored glasses is a new, more widely read blog, so i'll have to catch you up to speed. i am posting that i will be posting for my benefit, because if i post it, i'll do it!) 

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