Saturday, April 26, 2008

Colombian Children's Song...

I have many favorite Colombian children's songs, but Sol Solecito is my favorite as of late. I'm putting the video up because it's so sweet and happy (and hilarious when Pinocchio busts out his percussion playing. Just wait!) I'm not sure if it's sung in other Spanish-speaking countries, but it's definitely sung in Colombia. Here's my translation, although it (obviously) is a lot cooler and fun in Spanish because it rhymes. (You can get that if you play the video.) It's pretty impossible to watch this video and not smile. If you do, your heart could (possibly) be made of stone. Notice my superfluous use of exclamation points in the translation. I think they are appropriate.

Here it is "Sol Solecito" (Sun, Little Sun)

Sun, little sun, warm me a little today, tomorrow and the whole week! Moon, little jingle-bell moon! Five chicks and a calf! Snail! Snail! At one o’clock the sun comes out! Here comes Pinocchio playing the drums with a spoon and a fork!


Nick Hladek said...

Wow. After that video, I'm convinced: I gotta stop doing drugs.

Traci said...

you know i'm going to have little bilingual kids singing that song someday. in fact, you are too. ha.