Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Resolutions: Month 4

Every month I'm posting about my resolutions for 2008. I'm happy to say April was a MUUUUCH better month than March, resolutions wise... 

1. i will eat a more balanced and healthy diet. specifically: less take out (actually, the take out has to be its own goal, but i'll put it in here too) more whole grains, less cookies, (waaaay less cookies), more salad, more portion control.
i have made more progress on this goal than any other goal this month. i am the picture of healthy eating... wuuuu-hoooo. got the portion thing down, and the salad thing down, and the cookies. basically the only cookies i eat these days are in those 100 calorie packs. good deal. 

2. i will worry less about future events and spend more time focusing on current blessings
again, i'm doing fairly well on this one. living in the now, being where i am. i give this one a B.  
3. i will nurture my love for art by creating more art, learning more about art, and visiting the art museum more frequently
hmm... i'd give this one a B- for the month. actually, come to think of it B. 
4. i will eat less take-out (this will help with goal number 1, but will also help with general laziness and spendingtoomuchiness.) 
A+ this month. woo hoo. 
5. i will try to keep my apartment more tidy. i know this is a matter of opinion and i, of course, am the only judge, but i'm not planning on cheating MYSELF in my own resolutions
for me, one who constantly struggles with tidy-ness, i'd say i'm doing pretty good on this one. the hardest to keep up on this month = (gulp) dishes. the cooking for myself healthy foods means there are quite a few dishes. i'm working on straightening things up bit by bit, though. 

6. i will try to err on the side of compassion in my personal and professional life. (again, hard to quantify, but i know what i mean.)
hmm... i give this one a B as well...
7. i will drink more WATER, plain detroit tap water, when i am thirsty i will sometimes choose WATER, not diet soda, not tea, not coffee, not juice. WATER. (i am hopeful that this will help with my migraines)
excellent! been drinking water like a fish. the only problem = still getting the migraines. i was pretty convinced that dehydration was a major factor, now that that's clearly not it, gonna have to keep working. 

8. i will finish the devotional book for my dad
This one gets a C- i'm keeping up on it, but barely, and i'm doing them like 4 days at a time. i'd really like to sit down and do a month or two to get ahead. 
9. i will get out of the apartment more, especially when it is lighter in the evening)
I feel fairly good about this one as well. B to B-... taking walks in the evenings, going out with friends, getting back to YOGA! 

10. i will attend more lectures/seminars/workshops and/or read more books on peace and justice related topics.
Again, I'm not doing well on this one C-... it's a good thing that there are 8 months left in this year to keep up. I have been keeping up with Torture news (that sounds funny) and politics, and a little bit with the UN and its involvement with the food price crisis, but other than that, I have not been to lectures/workshops and i've read exactly ZERO BOOKS on peace and justice this month. May, May, your month is coming. 

11. i will intentionally nurture my own spiritual growth, recognizing that i cannot minister to others unless i have received spiritual nurture... i will be willing to try a variety of different things throughout the year (worship service i can attend, spiritual director, personal prayer journaling, etc.) i will keep at it and report on my progress monthly.
C to C+ I'm keeping up with some of the old disciplines, but would like to get moving on some other new ones. Happy about the Sabbath Keeping and prayer, but would like to get moving on some scripture reading and memorization. 

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