Tuesday, April 29, 2008

tagged to this one by suzanne

I am: God's own.
I think: I know a little about a lot.
I know: who I am.
I want: peace.
I wish: I had the piece of paper we've been waiting for.
I hate: hate.
I miss: E.
I fear: a collapse in the world economy.
I feel: sleepy.
I hear: the beautiful voice of Sara Bareilles.
I smell: chipotle pepper hummus.
I crave: limeade with mint.
I search: for historical context of Bible passages.
I regret: very little.
I love: many things..
I ache: after yoga.
I care: how the story ends.
I always: am changing.
I am not: a reader of fiction.
I believe: Jesus showed us a better way to live.
I dance: in my apartment to loud music.
I sing: in the shower.
I cry: spontaneously, sometimes.
I fight: sometimes.
I write: less often than I would like.
I win: less games in Scrabulous than I would like.
I lose: to my mom, usually.
I never: know where the road will lead.
I confuse: my cat when I come home in the middle of the day.
I listen: to music most of the day.
I can usually be found: via email within 3 hours.
I am scared: of high open spaces.
I need: to be still.
I am happy about: the opportunity to see my family in a couple of weeks.
I hope: this post isn't too obtuse or boring.

I tag: all of the bloggers who read this,

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that's fun! i'll post mine on my blog!