Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Hey, readers! I know you read, because I can tell, but only a few people have ever commented. I'm not being critical, because I read dozens of blogs and only comment on a few of them. I did make a decision, however, to allow "anonymous" comments, meaning that you don't have to sign in with an open-id name or with a blogger id. Now, if you want to make a comment, just click "anonymous" but be sure to sign your name any "anonymous" comments that have no names (or, obviously that say something rude or grossly inappropriate) will be de-le-ted. Now, a special request... if you are a former reader of tanto decir, can you please comment on this post if you have never commented on this blog before? I am getting the feeling that some people didn't get the memo that I moved over here, and I'm trying to figure out if that's true. Also, comment just for the heck of it! Say hi! Tell me who you are. Also, tell me what your favorite stuff to read on here is: drama, design stuff, theology, quirky randomness, whatever. I gotta go to work, people. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

this is me, traci, trying to figure out how the anonymous function works.

Kirk said...

I read all the time -- and I read tanto decir too!

April & Vince said...

I've been reading and if you visit our blog (themcgels.blogspot.com) you will know b/c I stole your "I" list and did my own version. Miss you...and when are you coming to visit?

Anonymous said...

Indeed, I'm a horrible blog subscriber! You've been really great about commenting on my stuff, I really should comment on yours! :(

As you certainly know, I read tanto decir.

My favorite things to read about from you: randomness (especially about your life's goings ons), design, and theology. Not necessarily in any particular order. ;)

suz said...

I also read, have commented, and hope to comment more in the future.

Nick Hladek said...
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shorlocker said...

Hi Traci,
I read your blog on a regular basis. And have commented before.

Your sermon on Sunday made me google the children's song I hadn't thought of in years... now it's going through my head constantly, like Veggie Tales songs do. :-)

Peter and John went to pray
They met a lame man on the way
He asked for alms and held out his palms
and this is what Peter did say:

"Silver and gold have I none,
But such as I have give I thee.
In the name of Jesus Christ
of Nazereth rise up and walk."

He went walking and leaping and praising God,
Walking and leaping and praising God,

"In the name of Jesus Christ
of Nazereth rise up and walk."

Suzanne said...

Hey Traci! I use google reader to check up on my list of blogs, which seems to have curtailed my commenting. :( Sorry! I do read your blog every day or two. :)