Thursday, May 15, 2008


Well... I haven't posted in a while, and I'm kind of in a hurry. I have lots of stuff I could write about and a few "linky" posts to post (plus a post about Ubuntu that I've been meaning to get to) but for now, here is some listey goodness because it's usually what I post when I've been away for awhile and have no time.

  • I've gotten back on the exersise bus. I used to exersise quite a bit, but in seminary, things like eating nachos and reading like crazy took over. It's good to be doing yoga, walking, pushups, etc. I want to look smashing in my wedding dress.
  • Speaking of wedding dresses... my mama and I went shopping for them this weekend! We are still waiting on a lot of blahbity blah with the visa, but we are getting closer, and so I felt justified in shopping. What girl doesn't want to try on wedding dresses? The one I liked the most was at Macys. Calvin Klein. It is simple by the Traci definition of simple, not simple by most people who sell wedding dresses definition of simple. No beads, no bows, no sequins, no frilly frilly frou frou stuff. It looks nice, but would look even nicer with... EXERCISE! Ha ha.
  • Also last weekend, my dad retired! We presented him with his Scholarship Fund and he was thriillled! I was happy too. What a great weekend of family.
  • Oh, one more thing we did this weekend: play video games. I felt kind of bad for all of the teasing I have done of losers who play video games, because I LOVED the nintendo wii. Seriously, I may have to get one of those for E and I to play during our first year of marriage. How hilarious would that be? We played guitar hero, golf, and these carnival games. Super fun.
  • It is beautiful outside. Absolutely gorgeous. It stresses me out that E is probably going to be moving here in the ugliest time of the year and will have to wait months for this to come back around again. Ah Michigan. How I love your weather. Not.

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