Saturday, May 17, 2008

thanks, julie.

my friend julie just posted about a commercial that has been bothering me as well. thought i'd get on board and post about it too. maybe if enough bloggers get on board electrolux (and at least kelly ripa) will contemplate the absurtidy of their message.

the commercial is this one:

i'm sure i don't need to spell out the problems with this commercial, but i will anyway, because, ahem, it's good to get stuff off one's chest. while i wasn't around in the 1950s, i hear there were some pretty cool things going on. soda fountains, poodle skirts, etc. i also hear that women were expected to be perfect in every way. they were expected to entertain, take care of the kids (and the dog) and do it all while looking fabulous and feminine. hard to do. then women started to work outside the home. good for us! we have skills outside the home too! but somehow, it seems, that this working outside the home thing has become something that we are to do in addition to taking care of the kids and the dog, maintaining a beautiful home and being a size negative zero with perfect hair and makeup. kelly ripa: you are a fun, talented woman. your husband is a hottie. you are a multi-millionaire. we get it: you are superwoman. however, let us not forget that you have a nanny, a housekeeper, a hair and makeup stylist, a driver, a publicist, and probably someone who picks up your starbucks for you. listen up ladies: wanna stay home and be a mama? good for you! wanna work outside the home? you go girl! wanna do both? i admire you tremendously, but don't think you can do them both perfectly a la this ridiculous commercial. ain't gonna happen.

p.s. make sure to read julie's blog. it's better than this one.


Mike said...

When I saw this commercial for the first time a couple of nights ago, the first thing I thought was, "man, oh man, I know quite a few women that are NOT going to be happy." Although, what made me cringe even more (well not so much cringe--actually laughed out loud was more like it) was the "I Dream of Jeanie" music playing in the background.

Anonymous said...

hey, traci! I just wanted to thank you again for your comments on my sermon. They, like this blog post, make me step out of myself and realize just how little I know about others. It's really hard sometimes. I try and try to be sensitive to things like this. But, I have to admit, when I first saw the ad, I just though, "Man, I really want that kitchen." Sigh. I really am trying.