Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Miss Always Invisible...

I found Marie Digby via You Tube awhile ago when I was looking for acoustic versions of familiar songs. She now has a record deal and she's not quite "unknown," but she's not a household name (yet.) There are two things that are striking about her in her youtube videos 1. She has an amazing, angelic voice. 2. She is very beautiful. I was surprised, then, to learn that this song "Miss Invisible" was autobiographical... it's about an awkward kid who doesn't fit in, who's hiding behind the bleachers and wanting someone to befriend her. It's a reminder to me to continue to be a person who looks to befriend those on the outskirts. They are in every "group," churches, schools, seminaries (yes, seminaries too. That's a post for another day...) Who are the invisible people in your world and community? How can you reach out to them?

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