Sunday, May 4, 2008

Nice article from Relevant

Relevant Mag always puts out good stuff. This is a great article. As I would expect, Mark Driscoll ends up soundling like a jackass and everyone else sounds intelligent and thought provoking. I hope the word jackass isn't unnecessarily obscene, but that guy gets on my nervs. Rob Bell, Erwin McManus and Efrem Smith are predictably right on the money, in my opinion. Found the article via Adam's facebook status.


Anonymous said...

mark driscoll is so effing annoying. ha. sorry that's worse than jackass. he has two or three things he just harps on and everything is pretty narrow and unintelligent. why do people follow him? i just don't get it.

Nick Hladek said...

i think a lot of people like mark driscoll because he expresses and embodies the deep misogyny of our society. most people are misogynists, and so they feel comfortable around him. many men, in particular, have shallow ways of relating to the world (mainly through aggression, violence and self-isolation) and they relate to the ways driscoll expresses that too. at best, he betrays a lack of self-awareness of his own false masculinity. at worst, he has not shown much evidence of wanting to heal from it.