Sunday, May 4, 2008

Great Song...

Still trying to learn what it means...

Dig, by Adam Again (covered by Jars of Clay, which is how I heard it)

I had big idea
I had a crazy eye
I broke the sacred seal
I told a lazy lie
I've had my conscience bent
I've had my patience tried
I've been up in the desert
And down by the riverside

Will the eagle fly
If the sky's untrue?
Do the faithful sigh
Because they are so few?
Remember when I cried?
Remember when you knew?
Remember that look in your eyes?
I know I do

And count the stars to measure tme
The earth is hard, the treasure fine
To the sea I'll crawl on my knees

Feel it coming in
Feel it going out
Water covers sand
Blood covers doubt
So I begin again
Again, the healing bow
There was a time that I might have surrendered
But not now

Consult the cards to measure mine
The earth is hard, but the treasure fine
At the sea, I'll wait on my knees


jesinrhineland said...

It is so great that you gave this a new listen after our convo on Sat. This song is a whole chapter of my life in less than 5 minutes--disappointment and the resolution of surrender....mixed tape coming to you soon. I am so glad you are my friend. --Jes

traci said...
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traci said...

hey! i'm glad you are my friend too! i was wondering if you would notice i posted about it!!