Monday, May 5, 2008


i heard someone say today that he was "bored" with iraq. i think i know what he meant, and i'm not trying to be too hard on him. this war has been going on for years now. a lot of people have had a lot of strong opinions about it for a long time. still, the phrase "i'm bored with iraq" sort of jolted me out of my seat. let us not forget that those who are actually living in iraq, those whose homes have been destroyed, family members killed, children irreparably scarred emotionally and physically aren't "bored" with this war. they're still fighting for their lives, wondering if they'll be caught in the crossfire, praying for peace. i doubt that US soldiers are bored, either. they're still thousands of miles away from their families, heartbroken many of them.

sometimes i think photos can help when we feel jaded. (i'm pretty sure that's what the person meant when he said bored, he meant jaded.) this one struck me as particularly powerful today.

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